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2015 Concession Letters For Posterity


A grateful Smackdown Nation has been the beneficiary of the vagaries of fate. Our long national nightmare is over. Amy Smith pulled the Smackdown's collective cojones out of the fire.

Please feel free to shower her with letters of concession and joy.

Smackdown Central




Amy Smith,

Congratulations on your victory!  I hadn't realized what type of creature Derek was until he, wanting to take full glory for his vileness, sent me to Google so I would know full well why we have this Smackdown. As the tournament got closer to the end, Derek was leading, and I couldn't put in words how just not right that seemed. And it would have only paled in comparison to the interview with our President. That was awesome. In ending, I would like to thank you from a mere novice in the Smackdown, in years and in bracket picking. Big 12 whom? So thank you for winning and letting Derek think he was going to.





Amy Smith:


Congratulations on a well fought victory.
I am but a poor, unless serf next to your keen, ninja SmackDown powers!

But I, I will survive...and live to fight another day!!

Rock Chalk,
John Augusto




Congratulations Amy !!!! Great job picking Duke. The smack down can go on for a few more years since Derek did not win.

I just noted the Big Ten conference had a participant in both the National Championship games in both football and basketball. Where was the Big 12?


Go Huskers!!!




Dear friends and my dearest Amy,

I concede fully to the Champion of the Smackdown, Amy "That's Chief Petty Officer to you" Smith. Her scientific method, her devotion to the sport; these we can only shake our heads in wonder and bewilderment. But her absolute resolve to keep the Smackdown intact and as it was meant to be: this is the true gift she brings us.

So ends a week of long walks:

1) Alone, contemplating the direction of humankind: global warming, global unrest, and Derek prevailing over all in the smackdown,

2) In the company of my youngest son, on the brink of 13, questioning all things he has known in the world, and not having the answers for him: to watch the innocence start to drain from his eyes, and the hard realities of life start to reside in its place...

Thank you, my dear Amy, for stepping in to provide the answers, the hope, the very future for our children, when no one else could! Long live the Smackdown, Long live  the Smith-Rider legacy that has prolonged the agony and suffering that must and WILL continue to dwell in the heart and home of Derek, especially when the goal is sooooo close: NO, Tantalus!!! Not this time, nor any other!!!!

Yours in Smackdown brother and sister-hood,

Aron Rider, the lucky spouse of Amy Smith.




My only consolation is that I was raised with greatness. Unfortunately, very little rubbed off on me, but I did stick it to most of the field including other named Simmons, at least one retired judge and a nephew. So to those that ranked lower than me, nah nah nah. Amy thank you so very much that I don’t have to write this letter to my brother. Welcome to the ranks of “THE WOMEN OF SMACKDOWN” and congratulations from one winner to another! Well done!





Well, I waited until after the final game to concede because we just never know until it is really over - do we Derek? My heartfelt congratulations to the woman who was a bridesmaid in my daughter's wedding, Amy. Although we are relieved that Derek did not win, and thus the Smackdown does not end forever, most of us must hang our heads in shame for falling below the Derek-a-doza line.


John Wittmayer




Dearest Amy,

I am a simple peasant that can not compete with His Holiness whose canonization you have rightly deserved. May your 364 day reign be filled with glee as your followers genuflect in your presence.

Long live AMY of Hardwoods!!!!


Paul Lehmkuhler




I sucked. Derek didn't win. Congrats to our Champion, Amy!






Amy, you have the thanks of a grateful Smackdown nation. 






I happily concede defeat to Amy Smith, the most awesome bracketologist of all time. And, most important, she's not Derek. (And, as her older brother, I can happily say that I taught her everything she knows). As I explained to the faithful gathered at my house for Easter, although we were all mathematically eliminated after Saturday, I knew we weren't spiritually eliminated. The Great Deity shines powerful light on those who truly believe. (And, who knew that the Oregon Supreme Court's jurisdiction extended all the way to Kansas?). 

Well played fellow Smackdowners. Well played Commissioner Simmons. Better luck next year, Derek.


Paul Smith




I concede, for real this time, to Amy. It may not have quite the same ring to it, but cue the Flash Gordon theme song (just change Flash to Amy and he to she, well you get the idea...):  Flash Gordon Theme

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