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2003 Final Standing


The UberSmackers

  1. Major Art “Bombs Away” Gepner created some convincing separation from the rest of the pack with a final score of 183 with 40 correct choices.

  2. Craig “Isn’t Colonel supposed to be higher than Major?” Kurtz finished second at the head of the pack with a 168 on 38 correct choices.

  3. Paul “Doing what I can with what I’ve got” Smith finished a hair behind The Colonel with a 167 on 37 correct choices. Paul finished ahead of the next four challengers even though he picked the same or fewer correct choices. Some of those long balls evidently paid off.

  4. Scott “What do I have to do to get some respect around here?” McLoughlin finished a whisker of a hair behind Paul with a 166 score on 39 correct choices.

The Derekdoza Line

  1. Derek “I define mediocrity” Simmons finished at 162 on 38 correct choices.

  2. Rand “Me too” Simmons tied Derek at 162 on 37 correct choices.

The ‘Swing and a Miss’ Club

  1. Cyprian “You can’t always get what you want” Sanchez finished with 155 points on 36 correct choices.

  2. Wayne “the good jock must be in the laundry” Simmons finished with 145 on 37 correct choices.

  3. Tifani “At least I am better than Barry” Jefferis finished with 137 on 34 correct choices.

  4. Bringing up the rear was Barry “keeping Rand’s spot warm for him” Smith with 133 points on 31 correct choices

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