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Grilling Kielbasa and cursing our brackets on the first Friday of the Big Dance.

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March 21, 2025

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Are there any particular ways that you honor Dr. Naismith?

A: One honors Dr. Naismith by devoting the first Friday of the NCAA Men's Basketball tournament to watching games and marking brackets. No work allowed. In addition, we grill Kielbasa sausage, Dr. Naismith's favorite food.


Q: Really?

A: As far as you know.


Q: Assuming I don't believe you, what's with the Kielbasa?

A: Thanksgiving already had turkey, and Christmas has taken ham. We just went to the third food on the list.


Q: Why is St. James Day only one day, instead of two?

A: You raise a good point. Two days would be more in line with Dr. Naismith's stature in our cultural development. But for now, our spouses draw the line at one day.


Q: Do you expect Congress to ever sign off on national holiday status for St. James Day?

A: We firmly believe that the St. James Day issue one day will be a bright-line test for electability.


Q: Until then, do you seriously expect us to take a day off of work?

A: Yes.


Q: Really?

A: Yes.


Q: But--

A: Tell you what: YOU stay at work. The rest of us will take care of the celebrating.


Q: Is this website in any way affiliated with the NCAA Smackdown?

A: We don't want to talk about it. There's probably an update or a link SOMEWHERE on the site, but don't expect us to help you find it.


Q: Why not?

A: We will discuss the Smackdown at length when we finally win one of the damned things.

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